A few favorites from my garden

Echeveria Lola

Welcome to my humble garden! I’ll have photos of my garden and how we transformed it (diy project) in a later post, but to start I chose 3 of my favorite plants.

My garden consists mostly of succulents, herbs, and different species of plants that are drought tolerant and survive on neglect.  I chose these plants because of their relatively easy care (I forget to water if kids distract me :0) and they are so forgiving, rewarding, and beautiful!  Succulents as a category are my passion but if I had to name a subcategory of favorites they would hands down be echeverias (more on that later). I’ve had quite a collection in the past but I have to admit some are easier than others. So the hardier ones have survived in my garden and I absolutely treasure them. Pictured above is Echeveria Lola, which I admire for it’s perfectly symmetric appearance, rose tipped leaves, and white rose like appearance. To me echeverias are roses that don’t fade, and Echeveria Lola is a beautiful addition to any shabby chic decor, especially in the garden. This is the mother plant and she’s had several babies that I’ve been fortunate to keep alive for years.

Next up…my outdoor orchid.  Ok I keep her in mostly shade and she survives well on neglect. She blooms profusely but magnified looks interesting!

A new animal species? just kidding…its just my orchid magnified 🙂

I love lavender. The smell is intoxicating, and the blooms are beautiful. Some of mine live in big pots near my porch which is the perfect height for my kids to smell and enjoy! I love that it attracts bees for my garden as well. In my garden,  French lavender and English lavender grow well and this photo is one of my fernleaf lavender.

Thanks for reading…much more later…



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