Eating healthier…at least attempting!

As part of my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to eat healthier. I started cooking and eating out less. I was already eating a high protein low carb diet, so it wasn’t that hard to make a few other changes to go paleo. Being so inspired by nature, I try to always incorporate natural ingredients in my cooking.  Turns out my herb garden was put to good use after I started cooking! I’m still working on perfecting recipes, and making sure I can make meals my kids will actually eat, but inevitably occasions arise and what does one do?

Believe it or not, this cake is actually somewhat healthy. I made it recently for my hubby’s birthday and while it does have a good amount of carb content, I know exactly what went into it. And I’d like to think it’s healthier too. The two layers of cake are super dense as they are made from dates and strawberries. And some agave nectar. Coconut flour and eggs. But no processed flour. The berries are our kids’ favorites and the icing was made from coconut oil.

Luckily the kids and hubby loved it. And the leftovers? I ate it. :0  And while I’ll be hitting the gym to work off those extra calories, at least I know it was somewhat healthy. And it was my first time baking a cake and boy was it fun decorating!

It’s definitely a balancing act between eating well, exercising, being active in general, and dealing with the daily grind, but I think it’s all worth it.

Thanks for reading this post…more later!





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