At the Beach and the Desert: Shadows Everywhere

This is my take on the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge Shadow theme. From my most recent post (Sea Cave Adventure at Dana Point), the last photo has my shadow giving my kid’s shadow a high five at the beach. This was quite coincidental, as it was a cloudy day and all of a sudden, the sun came out at the right time in the right spot as we found a sea anemone and gave each other a high five. My camera in hand was ready to go after just photographing the sea anemone so here it is…a particularly sweet memory in shadows!


The next day we went to the desert, and I took a picture of an ocotillo at Anza Borrego along the Pictograph Trail. The shadow on this ocotillo branched onto the pathway of the trail…and I marveled at the curvy branches. Because this particular Ocotillo was bare, its shadow seemed to blend and originally fooled me a bit into thinking the branches were really on the floor. I had my sunglasses on under my wide brimmed hat, so from a distance, it caught me off guard for just a second.


Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Shadow


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