Love is Everywhere


Valentine’s Day…for some a joyous day and others just another day…whatever it may be to you, everyday is cause for love and gratitude.

It’s a special day for us here but first I draw inspiration from my garden. The first thing to greet me were flowers from my kalanchoe. This little plant grows like a weed but I love these…I started with one and now I have at least 20 of them scattered throughout my yard. This one was a volunteer hiding behind my bushes until one day it just took off.  I was amazed to see how much it has grown and how the pink blooms match my little Valentine heart…as if to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Then I noticed my hoya kerrii (sweetheart hoya), happily vining up and down the plant rack behind my tree. I had forgotten about this plant as it hides under the shade and has even blossomed gorgeously for me a few times. Not today, but I think it’s because I can focus on the beautiful heart shaped leaves. 🙂


And lastly, I am reminded that love is always here and everywhere, and to gather love, be it for nature or the kids, special loved ones, or the world in general.


Love is everywhere. When I take a look around the garden and world today in wherever I go and whatever I do, it’s cause for celebration on a daily basis. It’s great that people can identify a certain day to appreciate and focus on love (and I’m sure it’s good for commercialism), but in the end, love is here everyday and everywhere and I’m grateful to be part of it.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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