Against the Odds in The Garden


At first glance you wouldn’t think this is against the odds…just a picture of succulents and a bird. But in fact, it is THE elusive hummingbird that I have NOT been able to photograph (previously) with my iPhone for months. This little guy has been enjoying the flowers from my plants regularly but is so quick, usually by the time I hear him he is gone. I’ve been lucky to spot him from a distance and if I don’t move or breathe, he might stay long enough for one of my kids to spot him too. But this time, I was silently taking pictures in the shade of a nearby plant and heard him. Quickly, I turned around and since I had my phone on camera mode, started snapping away. Luckily I was able to zoom in without making the picture too blurry and did my best to keep my hands still. I was able to get a picture of this elusive little hummingbird before he flew off again. Now I know for sure he’s green! I have only been able to see him for a second or two from a distance and wasn’t even sure what color his feathers were until now.

Below is a picture that looks like an ordinary plant in the garden. But this tomato plant is really amazing and it has grown against the odds because I never even planted it! I had a heirloom tomato plant last year in the same vicinity, and when the mother plant was dying from the cold, I had to take the entire plant out. It wasn’t until weeks later that I noticed this baby plant growing in its place! Since then, it has really grown taller and bushier. My planter looks crowded because I never planted it there (in fact I put other plants in its place and of course those got shoved over). This strong tomato plant found its way and was determined to make this location its home. Bravo!


What’s even more astounding is that this tomato plant has produced 5 tomatoes since  December, when it was cold and raining. Today there are 2 that are almost ripe. In this rainy year, I did not expect this rogue survivor to be producing this quickly. Nature never fails to amaze me!


This was my interpretation of the weekly photo challenge theme: Against the Odds. I had to look no further than in the garden and am continually amazed by it. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Against the Odds in The Garden

    1. Thanks! I think I was incredibly lucky to catch that hummingbird with my phone for sure! Always wonderful to cross paths with a fellow hiker..but wow! the Appalachian trail. Hats off to you! I can only imagine the challenges! Will be following your adventures!

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    1. Thanks! Sure was a good day to be outside with my camera! Maintaining green lawns are a challenge for sure…we actually had to take out some of our grass and replace with artificial turf! But luckily with the rain we’ve been getting recently, some of the remaining grass is greener, although with weeds too :0

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