Pathways In the Garden-Which Way to Go?




Rain, rain go away…actually we need the rain, but just not all at once. These were photos taken of my garden during the calm before the storm. Now it’s so rainy and incredibly windy, I don’t want to go out there! But one thing for sure, I’m so grateful my hubby and I installed these pathways before all this rain!



After we moved in, we quickly realized our humble backyard (see first photo above) would become one giant mud pit in a rainstorm since it had no pathways, and the grass was so nonexistent (from the drought), that we had just patches of unsightly brown weed/grass amongst the dirt. Luckily there’s a good slope so it drains well.  However the yard was just not ideal. During the summer, it was an undefined brown patch of dirt. My shoes were dirty whenever I went outside and there wasn’t much to do out there or look at. So this pathway not only allowed for easier navigation, but it defined areas of my yard so I could create and organize it.

This project was a labor of love that took several months. After thinking through carefully about how we wanted the pathway and where it would go and extend, we had to dig out the weeds, level out the land (keeping the natural slope), install weed block, buy many carloads full of pavers and rocks, define the pathway boundaries with edging, install each paver carefully after measuring it out, and lay down all the rocks in place. That was the first time I got huge blisters on my hands even with heavy duty gloves on! But it was done and fully functional. The secondary paver area to the right of the pathway was installed one by one a bit later, and connected with polymeric sand at the end. In the end, I think it was definitely all worth it.

In retrospect, we could’ve hired someone to concrete the path, but several estimates came in at way too much so we needed to attempt this ourselves. I also preferred the paver look and contractors told me it would cost even more for the labor. They astutely pointed out we’d get weeds in between the pavers but I don’t mind that. I suppose we could always take it out if we really hated it in the future, but with concrete it is so permanent.  In all honesty, I love it. And I’m grateful for my pathway. It takes me from one side of my house through the back to the other side of the house easily. We were able to design a path to my little ‘meditation corner’ and another to the gazebo and side yard. And my plants have a designated place in the yard instead of all clumped in one muddy/dirty area. Now, it’s all a matter of which way we WANT to go to enjoy our yard instead of which way we should go just to get around.

This is my take on Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge/Feb 17 2017. Thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “Pathways In the Garden-Which Way to Go?

  1. Your yard looks great! I really like all the paths and different areas that you’ve made. Reminds me that I have so much work I still need to do in mine (but excited to do so once the rain lets up!). Those paths gives me some ideas on where to start. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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    1. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad these paths gives you ideas! In my yard, we would’ve had a mess back there so a path was definitely necessary and set the tone for everything else. There’s always work to do there, but I love that I can get to it more easily! Spring is coming and I’m itching to get out there and plant. (And also clean up after the storm :0)

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