Travel Theme: Turquoise


Turquoise is my favorite color and I love seeing it wherever we go. So I am excited that this was chosen as part of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Turquoise and can’t wait to see what others post too! The photo above was taken inside a sea cave at Thousand Steps Beach. Note the clear turquoise water and shimmer on the walls. As we walked around the cave, we were treated to different shades of turquoise, green-blue, and blue-green.

Below is one of many murals found near Laguna Beach. There is so much blue/turquoise in the decor (mermaids, signage, pottery) everywhere…a reflection of the beauty in the water.


The next few photos were taken at Independence Hall/Liberty Bell replica near Knott’s Berry Farm, CA. Note the beautiful turquoise paint everywhere. I really love how it stands out. 🙂




natureinspiredmom.t3.jpgThis fountain with its turquoise waters was found near the main shopping area outside Knott’s.

Thanks for reading!



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