Guest Blog: Creating An Easy to Maintain Mini Herb Garden

Happy Friday Everyone, and yay, the weekend is here! 🙂


Last week, Jen from GYPSYBUS28, made a guest post on my blog and shared her wonderful meatball recipe. I really appreciated her clear instructions and now we have a family favorite at dinnertime!

Jen writes about her passion for cooking, beauty care, traveling, and experiences in life at GYPSYBUS28. I am very honored to contribute a guest post on her blog as well. I wrote about Creating An Easy to Maintain Mini Herb Garden. I have reblogged my guest post from below as well. It’s the perfect time to start, trim up, or add to a little herb garden. I hope you find it helpful!


Thanks again Jen for allowing me to guest post on your blog!


Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! 🙂


Hi guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Today, I am delighted to have my blogging friend, Karen from Nature Inspired Mom, to share her experience of growing a mini herb garden. Karen shares her passion for hiking, gardening and healthy living on her blog. If you haven’t seen her blog, please check it out here  Nature Inspired Mom. She takes you on her hiking adventure and shares a lot of wonderful photos. Her garden section is just amazing. She has a variety of beautiful succulents. I have learned a lot about gardening from her blog.

If you like cooking, I am sure you would love to have your own herb garden. Fresh herbs give extra flavour to the dishes we cook. Certainly, they make the food taste better too. However, not everyone is good at growing herbs. Karen will tell us all about her favourite herbs…

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