My Wish: To See the Super Bloom!


This is NOT the Anza Borrego super bloom, but my wish is to actually see it this weekend. If all goes well, I might!  The superbloom is predicted to be within the week, and it’s supposed to be the biggest in 2 decades. :0

I love hiking at Anza Borrego and have seen it this winter…I cannot wait to see the change! Spring is upon us!

This is a picture of my ice plants in bloom with all the sunshine we’ve been getting…I hope the super bloom will put this to shame. I’m hoping we arrive at the right time and see several species. I’ve heard there will be tons of people hoping to see the blooms and while it will be crowded, I hope the little wildflowers will open up just in time. I hope we visit the right areas and find them all. If and when I find the super bloom, I will definitely post pictures…stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

(Update as of March 13, 2017: my wish was granted and I got to see the super bloom! See the photos and read about it here)



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