Quick Garden Projects: Pallet Planter and Topsy Turvy Flower Pots


With all this sunshine, it was finally time to clean up the yard and work on a couple of simple DIY projects that have been on my list. First up was this pallet planter. I was actually gifted this pallet last year, but I couldn’t decide how to use it in my yard until now.

At first I thought I would lay the pallet down and use it to grow veggies. But I already had plants in my previously designated area, and then the thought of the pallet taking up more functional space got me thinking of vertical planting. So hubby was gracious enough to put ‘legs’ on the pallet so it could stand up. Next, I happened to find these hanging pots at the dollar store (OK, these were $2 ones each), so I figure I would need 6, and it would be quicker than lining the pallet and planting internally.


Then I had to determine where to put it. I have an area in the back of the yard that has sheds for storage. I’ve been using various plants in pots to cover the sheds, so I thought I would move things around and squeeze this pallet in. It turned out to be just the right height. So I spent the majority of my time taking out weeds and moving things around, but the pallet fit! Yay! And I created a wider path to it, so I can check on my baby plants easily.

I chose to grow some herbs (rue, mint) and begonia, aeoniums, geraniums, and some of my baby succulents in those hanging pots. This was the perfect corner for baby plants and shade loving plants as it’s under my orange tree. It gets sun just in the morning for a couple of hours. I left the other plants in the area in place, since it has done well there previously. My hope is that eventually all the plants will grow upwards (especially the firesticks and jasmine) and cover up the sheds in the area. 🙂 In the meantime, it’s a nice growing and potting area. Why didn’t I think of putting the pallet there earlier? Eventually I might get around to painting/weatherproofing the pallet, but for now, this works.


My second quick project was this topsy turvy flower pot series stacked on a pole. I actually already had this sturdy 5 foot pole holding up a basket full of flowers, but little pots stacked up adds visual interest vertically and helped save me some space. I think the hardest part was threading the pots through the shepherd’s hook, but as long as I used a good sized pot with a adequate sized draining hole, it was an easy process. I had to make sure to fill with dirt and face the pots in their respective directions as I went along, but that was it. I added some baby plants, herbs, and succulents I had sitting around in my other pots.



So these two quick projects helped me clean and organize my yard a bit.  Excuse the mess, but there’s definitely more to do! But I’m happy spring is just about here. And the garden…always a good place to lose track of time! 🙂

Thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “Quick Garden Projects: Pallet Planter and Topsy Turvy Flower Pots

    1. Yes, they are fabulous! They came in three colors, but I figure I could always paint them and write inspirational words too 🙂 It’s great bc I can change out plants with the season or rotate other baby plants through it…easy access. 🙂

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