Turtles and Blooms: A Peaceful Morning Stroll


Isn’t that cute? A baby turtle getting a piggyback on mom and basking in the sun. Reminds me of my kids getting a ride on my back. 🙂 A peaceful morning at the Fullerton Arboretum and I’m grateful I got a chance to go…the little pond was iridescent and serene. Birds were chirping all around, and I heard some movement in the water. We found koi, ducks, and turtles. Whole families of them…we watched in amazement and amusement.



And of course who can resist the waterfall leading to the pond? I can just stand there on the bridge enjoying the crash of water and watching it cascade down into the stream below. Not to mention there are tons of flowers in bloom surrounding it now that spring is in full force!

Then we wandered into different areas of the arboretum and what a sight! The last time I was here, it was summertime and things looked pretty scorched. This time, flowers were blooming everywhere. Some areas reminded me of flower fields in paintings. It was just that beautiful!


We found flowers of all colors shapes, sizes, and textures. The smells were lovely and sweet, especially the roses. Wow! That was nature’s perfume!



Of course we always visit the Children’s Garden. The inviting caterpillar entrance is alluring, as are the succulents at ground level, the herb/smelling garden, edible garden, and the little cave for kids to hide in and climb. There is also a giant watering can with an oversized wooden windchime. My kids love to swing it, and the resulting sound is rather harmonious and peaceful.


The main landmarks are always there to enjoy…the brontosaurus topiary, Dr. Clark’s Victorian house, the windmill and surrounding orange trees and palm grove, and the wooden pergola, which has wisteria growing in between.


I’m thankful I got to enjoy the beauty of spring at this arboretum. Usually I visit during their annual Green Scene, and while seeing all the different plants, vendors, and people is quite the event, it sure is different being able to enjoy the serenity of the garden in the morning on a quiet day. Certainly made my morning!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Turtles and Blooms: A Peaceful Morning Stroll

  1. My kind of stroll with cute turtles, beautiful flowers and waterfall! Such pretty photos! I feel so lucky with all this nice weather we’re having (although up in the Bay Ares we are expecting rain again this week). Glad you had a wonderful walk 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I feel the same way…was super lucky to have great weather, even a little heat spike, and then now, it looks like we might be getting some rain later this week. Just in time for spring right? But it’s great for the plants and our views and strolls! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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