International Happiness Day (Belated): Things That Make Me Happy


Mondays are generally busy for me…but what better way to start the week than to think about 20 things that make me happy:

  1. Interacting with kids (helping them learn, hearing them laugh, seeing their wonder)
  2. Being in my garden (or any garden)
  3. Going on a hike, especially with a good view (around water, desert, caves, flowers, historical landmark) or exploring new areas
  4. Waking up early and well rested
  5. Seeing sunshine or anything the color blue
  6. Early morning coffee (and smell of coffee :))
  7. Getting a good workout/Running or gym class
  8. Having a good conversation or good laugh with a friend/loved one
  9. Seeing a loved one’s smile
  10. Music and/or painting
  11. Being productive (getting things accomplished and checked off the list)
  12. Being recognized (either with words, compliments, medals, promotions, etc)
  13. The smell of blossoms and fragrant plants (citrus, lavender, rose, lemon verbena, mint)
  14. Leading something or being in charge of something fun
  15. Coming up with a great idea and being able to design it and see it to completion
  16. Finding new value in old/unused things
  17. Spending time relaxing at home
  18. My family, friends, fellow bloggers and followers
  19. Babies and baby animals
  20. Watching something (plants) and/or someone grow
Here was a little find at a garage sale…old brooches and vintage jewelry repurposed into a work of art

I’m so grateful I saw Kayla’s list of 20 things on her blog EssenCentral and then read the original post about International Happiness Day on Golden Pink Journal. Even though it’s no longer the actual International Happiness Day (March 20), I wanted to carry on the challenge. Everyday is reason for happiness and gratitude. And what better day for a pick up than Monday! One week late is better than never!

A little plaque my friend gave me; so true!

What makes YOU happy? It’s really a great question, because lots of things make me happy. But to be specific, it’s harder to describe and choose. And in reality, the more I think about what makes me happy the more I realize how blessed I am and need to be thankful for the things I take for granted.

I challenge you to list the many things that make you happy. Is there anything that you might have in common with me? I feel like I’m forgetting quite a few things and I am limited only to 20. Please feel free to comment below or write a post yourself. I would love to see what makes everyone happy. 🙂

Happy Monday! Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “International Happiness Day (Belated): Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Yay! I love your list! “Watching something (plants) and/or someone grow.” – YES! When I was living in a past home, there was a tiny plot of dead Mexican petunias. I don’t know much about gardening, but one day I went out there and cleared all of the deadness. Pretty soon, with a little bit of water every few days, they were able to grow and grow. By the time we left the house, they were well over 6 feet tall! I was so proud. ☺ such a beautiful experience of the power of a little nurturing. I forgot to include this in mine. I suppose 20 IS quite limiting – but I so appreciate the sentiment that it just goes to show how much gratitude we must remember to express 💜 thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Kayla for reading and giving me this challenge. This was a wonderful way to start the week. It has been a crazy busy few days but so nice to focus on this list of goodies everyday. Thanks for sharing about watching your plants grow; it truly is one of the best things! 🙂

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  2. This is a great list, it made me happy just thinking about those things! My family always laughs at me because I find happiness in the littlest of things, like using my favorite orange placemat or finding en extra stick of gum in my purse. Having said that though, I do find that my greatest happiness comes from being with family. Thanks for the reminder to be happy 🙂

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    1. Awesome! I love how you find happiness in the littlest of things…sometimes that’s the best too! 🙂 I just cleaned out a portion of the garage today and found stuff that I thought were long lost. I would’ve included yours if I could expand the list to more than 20. But yes, I agree that the greatest happiness comes from being with family and friends. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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