Nojoqui Falls: 80 ft Waterfall Near Solvang


On our way to Solvang, we stopped by for a quick hike at the Nojoqui Falls… and what a treat! There was so much water, I kept getting water spots on my camera lens  (even though I wiped my camera off every few seconds, one can still see spots in my photos :0). I particularly enjoyed the sound of gushing water and the gorgeous scenery of this hike.

The entire hike took our family only about 20 minutes, and it was just about 2/3 of a mile. An extremely easy hike (more like a nature walk), but so scenic. My youngest tripped and fell on some rocks protruding out of the ground, and there were definitely steps upwards, but overall a very shaded and enjoyable walk. Also, beware of tree roots protruding along the path and poison ivy everywhere. This was one hike I kept warning my kids to stay in the middle of the trail and not wander too far off to the sides.



Nojoqui Falls Park is technically in Goleta but very close to Solvang (see map here). Above were signs at the trail head… advertised as a ’10 minute walk to the falls’ and must ‘stay on the trail.’ There was also a warning about mountain lions. Luckily, we did not see any.  There was ample parking on the dirt road. We followed the signs and drove past a small playground. There were restrooms near the parking lot (yay!). This was quite a popular walk. We saw lots of families, even one with a baby a few months old and a toddler. Everyone seemed to enjoy this short walk in the shade.


It was actually a bit cold… even midday. The trees towered above us, and we saw glimmers of sunlight in between the branches. We all had our jackets on. It rained the night before, not much, but at least it was a beautiful sunny day.


Above was one of three bridges en route to the falls.  Below is another bridge, with a bench facing the stream below. The soft sound of water flowing by was soothing as we walked along.




Water was flowing in a little stream below us… at some points a tiny waterfall. It got quite dramatic as we approached the 80 foot waterfall; and definitely breathtaking! I stood and took pictures from the side, underneath, and got as close as possible without getting too wet.


I took a long last look at the waterfall and admired the beauty of it before heading out. We were off to more adventures in Solvang (another post coming later), but what a wonderful start!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Nojoqui Falls: 80 ft Waterfall Near Solvang

    1. Definitely worth checking out…I’ve seen it on the map prior but until I saw it, I never knew something so majestic was tucked in right there. I think we were lucky though this year with the rain…I think in previous years, there wasn’t as much water. 🙂

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