Surprises in My Garden


Spring has given us a surprise out of nowhere; an iris started blooming! I have a vague memory of an iris bloom a few years ago. I thought it died afterwards since it was buried in a pot with other plants and never bloomed since. I brought that pot of plants over to my garden when we moved.


I recently noticed this purple beauty. I think the green spikes were camouflaged by the neighboring green plants for awhile. There’s 3 more buds coming! This plant survived the move, and is doing better than ever! I love when I find plants growing from (seemingly) nowhere.

Below is another surprise I found recently in my garden. I posted a picture of my dense clump of air plants a couple of weeks ago.  It hadn’t ever bloomed for me before, until recently…and what a sight! I love the neon pink and purple flowers!


I just love surprises in the garden!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Surprises in My Garden

    1. Thanks! A bit of luck I think 🙂 this year’s weather was just perfect…up until now, I hadn’t been able to get these to bloom. But I am looking forward to talking with some air plant experts at an upcoming plant show…I hear there’s some fertilizer that I can use to encourage blooms. 🙂

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