Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth


Earth…not a single photo would describe our beautiful planet for me so here is a collage; and even that couldn’t do Earth justice!  I think this Weekly Photo Challenge is fitting as Earth Day is upon us. Every year, there are reminders to make and keep Earth a better place, and I wholeheartedly agree but it’s not just once a year, but everyday that I will cherish, protect, and preserve everything that’s here for us.

Above are photos from our recent trips to San Diego (sea caves), La Jolla Coves, Torrey Pines, Nojoqui Falls, Carlsbad Flower Fields, and Anza Borrego. I have written posts about some of our trips and more is coming (as soon as I get to it :)).  Stay tuned…

Have a wonderful weekend and Earth Day! Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

  1. Hi. I failed to leave you a note yesterday. I posted some flower photos from the current bloom, including trips to Anza-Borrego and Santiago Oaks. I acknowledged you for reminding me of Santiago Oaks as a good place to hike. We went there a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. Thank you very much. Here’s the post: http://wp.me/pH6ZJ-9S9. Happy hiking. Brad

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    1. Wonderful post and beautiful photos…thanks for posting, Brad! I love the ocotillo blooms that you captured; they weren’t quite ready when we went but now they are and wow! That must have been a treat to see in person! I’m so glad you got to hike and see the flowers at Santiago Oaks too…and thanks for the acknowledgement! There’s probably more in bloom since I’ve last gone; well at least from what I see in your photos 🙂 I’m glad you were able to capture it all. Thanks again! Karen

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    1. Thanks Debbie for your kind words! This is truly a marvelous place and I can never find enough photos to do Earth justice. I hope to get some running in this week…a super busy but exciting week. Happy running to you too! 🙂

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