Carlsbad Flower Fields: Full Bloom


With all the wildflowers we’ve had the privilege of seeing this year, this flower field was truly icing on the cake. The Carlsbad Flower Field (map here) of course was well maintained and planted, and it was quite the sight; flowers organized by color for as far as one can see.


The photos are worth more than words, so I’ll let them do the talking. But really to see it in person was wonderful…plus it made for wonderful family photos! πŸ™‚


Upon entry, each child received a card with empty spots for stamps. This was quite popular with my kids…they searched avidly for the bright orange stations and were quick to stamp their cards. When all the stamps filled the card, it becomes a coupon for a gem mining station (for an additional fee) on site, but we didn’t participate in that.


There were different gardens…the above photo was taken near the entrance, and then there was the amazing and fragrant sweet pea maze. This maze was actually not that easy. My kids had a map on their stamp card, and they figured the way out of the maze. It wasn’t until later I realized that people were following us out of the maze!


Below were the geranium and rose gardens…


And there was a fantastic playground! My kids loved it here…


But it was getting closer to lunch time and also getting too hot, so we decided to head on out. We stopped by for a strawberry sundae and strawberry shortcake, which were delicious. Below we left, we looked one more time and admired the beauty of the ranunculus in full bloom.



Thanks for reading! On to another adventure…


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