Danger Signs


Whenever we go hiking or exploring the great outdoors, we inevitably come across danger signs like the one in the above picture. This was taken on the way to the tide pools from the second parking lot at Cabrillo National Monument (see original post here). And it’s a great reminder because sometimes in the middle of paradise, one can forget how unstable cliffs are or how big waves can suddenly splash up and startle someone, especially right on the edge.  Below is an example of that…a few moments ago, someone was standing on the very edge of that cliff and moved away just in time! Nature is unpredictable, so we do our best to stay cautious while enjoying its beauty.


Here is another danger sign, this time on top of a sea cave near the La Jolla Cove (see post  here. The cliff had slippery and uneven slopes on all sides, so I didn’t dare go to the edges.


The photo below was taken at the beginning of the trailhead for Nojoqui Falls (see post here). Here the danger was from rocks falling…sure enough there were rocks on some parts of the trail that looked like it had fallen. Luckily none were actively falling the day we were there.



We are used to seeing danger signs for mountain lions and rattlesnakes, especially when exploring California. But I did not expect one for seals/sea lions at the beach! Definitely good to know though, as others got super close to the seals/sea lions for a selfie. These sea lions sure look cute and were very calm just napping on the rocks. You never know though!natureinspiredmom.sj3.jpg

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8 thoughts on “Danger Signs

  1. I’m heading to Cabrillo National Monument twice today, once at 8:00 a.m. when they open since I have a National Parks Pass ($10 for 62 or older; it’s going up to $80 under Twitler). Then, tonight, the Cabrillo Foundation is having a sunset event just for photographers. I’m a member of the Cabrillo Foundation so it’s free for me. Otherwise it’s $25 per carload. Apparently with no size limit on the car so load ’em up!

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