Reflecting: Iridescence and Lighting


For this week’s Photo Challenge: Reflecting, I thought of my recently completed mosaic piece. It’s very interesting how different lighting changes the look of the piece dramatically.  I incorporated perhaps TOO many details in a small space and it turned out a bit more abstract than I envisioned.  The top photo on a white background and dim lighting might make it look like a fish on top with unknown other images below. But with light shining straight through, the mermaid and turtle become more obvious. The last image was taken with better lighting so the iridescent glass pieces in the background pop out.

In the photo below, I just love the iridescence reflected in the pond. This was taken at the Fullerton Arboretum (see post here) before they cleaned it out.  The last time I went I noticed there’s less of that iridescent sheen (cleaner and clear), but more reflections of the trees and leaves in the water.


Thanks for reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflecting: Iridescence and Lighting

    1. Thanks so much! Cal State Fullerton is wonderful and I love the arboretum…I go there quite a bit to enjoy the plants and relax. I think I was lucky to see the rainbow hue in the water and it was just perfect lighting that day to capture it. 🙂

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