Container Gardening: A Mini Fruit/Veggie Garden


Here is a roll call of the plants in this section of my garden: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, goji berries, pomegranates (Parfianka), Roger’s Wild grapes, King guava, sweet peas, nasturtium, tomatoes, herbs (sage, mint, thyme, borage), peppers, surinam cherries, and Improved Meyer’s Dwarf Lemon. The perfect spring weather this year has inspired me to start a mini fruit corner in my garden. Since I have limited space and tough clay soil, I chose to try some container gardening. I searched high and low for dwarf and ultra dwarf trees and researched how to keep trees small and productive. Many of the plants don’t require much space and do well in containers, and the others I’ve been told might need transplanting in a few years, or fertilizing in existing pots with some pruning. We will see how things grow; time will tell!

I selected this location because it gets a good amount of sun and in extreme heat, I have an umbrella that can easily cover most of the area if needed. This area is just right outside my kitchen so I have direct access to herbs and fruits if needed while cooking; and it’s also next to my water hose so watering is a snap! The space is tight, but it works at the moment.

Below is my jalapeño pepper plant with a larger chiliteppin pepper plant behind. They are surrounded by a few herbs (sage, parsley, basil).




The top two photos are of my ultra dwarf Ein Shemer Apple tree. I found this at a plant show this year and thought I’d give it a try. There’s already two tiny apples forming!  The next two photos are of my Golden Dwarf Peach tree. This little tree is loaded with tiny peaches already (I lost count at around 16 or so)! I had to keep it netted and covered from the birds and possible rodents that may be eyeing the peaches.

Below is a photo of part of this fruit section. There is another dwarf peach (Honey Babe) and dwarf nectarine (Nectar Babe) next to it hiding behind all the netting, and a dwarf blueberry plant. The Roger’s Wild Grape is growing happily up the metal trellis (might be hard to see hiding in the back; more photos later), and below them is a row of strawberry plants that I began bare root 2 years ago. We’ve gotten quite a bit of strawberries already from this row of plants and my kids say it is definitely sweeter than store bought!


Same with the blueberries below…this plant is so productive, my kids get their little baskets out after school and go picking for fresh blueberries. I just have to make sure the netting goes back on all the way so the birds don’t get to them.



Above is a baby pomegranate tree…Parfianka type; I was told this was the best tasting species, but it will be awhile before I will get to find out!

Below is a goji berry plant. I was told this can grow into a huge monster so keep it contained. We will see how many transplants I will need to make…



Above is a photo of the dwarf Honey Babe peach tree…the tag says it self pollinates but produces better when other peach trees are around. So I have the dwarf Golden Peach and dwarf Nectar Babe (nectarine tree).

Below are my baby surinam cherry plants, ultra dwarf Ein Shemer apple tree, and Roger’s Wild Grape (already producing clusters of tiny grapes).



The above photos are of my Roger’s Wild Grapes and Siskiyou blackberries. Both are growing well so far. Don’t worry, that’s my protective rubber snake! I read somewhere that birds might be scared off by rubber snakes, so I’ll try this and see if it works. Everyday I move the snake around so it’s a bit more realistic. 🙂

Below is the other side of my mini fruit plant area. I planted some sweet peas (the scent is wonderful!) and nasturtium below the mini windmill. Tomatoes and herbs are next to it.



And here’s the backside to that section…I have my King Guava tree next to my blackberries.


And here I’ve got a lemon or two coming along (above photo). Below are my various tomato plants (blueberry cherry tomato, yellow pear tomato, and Supersweet Cherry tomatoes) along with basil and other herb companion plants.




And here is my view as I step out from my kitchen. Everything is easily accessible and I can monitor for bugs and other potential pests. 🙂  I added a few roses in the area to add some color but also to be rewarded with a whiff of strong rose fragrance whenever I tend to the plants. Not to mention I just love the appearance of lavender/purple roses. Below is Angelface Rose…I enjoy admiring and smelling the strong citrus fragrance right before I go back into the house.


Thanks for reading! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Container Gardening: A Mini Fruit/Veggie Garden

    1. Thanks! I wonder if you might want to give the dwarf ones a try…I used to have trouble with fruiting plants until I started growing them in containers. Something about their smaller size and ‘controlled’ environment makes them bloom and stay happy. Perhaps I’m just lucky with this year’s weather too 🙂

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  1. Wow, so many plants and trees! Your garden looks amazing. I love that your kids can take their baskets and pick blueberries right in their backyard 🙂 Everything looks so lush and green, it must be so nice to spend time in your garden. The leaves from my dwarf lemon tree got completely eaten by deers last fall (moved into a new house in the summer) and I’m paranoid of planting anything before we get better fencing up. But I may have to soon after seeing all your lovely pics!

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    1. Thanks so much! One of my goals was to inspire my kids to love gardening and so far so good…I get a little giddy watching them open up the nets and ‘harvest’ the fruit after school. They have learned how to pick the ripe ones and will help me look for bugs/pests. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your dwarf lemon tree…even the leaves must have been tasty…but I hope you’ll plant a new one (and perhaps more) soon!

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  2. Karen, this garden is beautiful!!! I love it – so full of good energy. Your signs and other decorations are great. The preparation that you did sounds so helpful, ie. what plants do well in containers, what ones may need to be planted somewhere else, and even the use of your umbrella. So glad to know you and see that you have such a healthy space in your home. That inspires me to healthy things too!

    My spiritual mentor J-R has said “Health is loving who you are.” How cool is that?
    Have a great weekend, Karen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Debbie! Yes, I love having my little garden and I try to fill it with positive energy, love, and inspiring quotes/signs. Preparation is key for me especially as I’m trying to cram everything into a small spot. 🙂

      Love the quote from your spiritual mentor…definitely words of wisdom to live by 🙂


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