Hi there! I’m Karen and mom to some very energetic kids. (And that’s me enjoying the sunset view at Valley of Fire, Nevada with other fellow visitors). Awhile ago, I realized that I needed to keep them busy and what better way than to share my love of nature with them? My background is in the sciences and I am continually amazed by everything around us…and I hope my kids and readers will be inspired as well.

My passions include hiking, gardening, and healthy living. At first these were my stress relievers but now they are my way of life. The more strenuous hikes I go with a group of friends, but most of the hikes we go on are family friendly and it’s one way we enjoy our family time. I love the desert terrain, but I also enjoy going to the beach and exploring new areas. We enjoy finding caves, waterfalls, slot canyons, and interesting plants along the way. My kids have become used to hiking and are fans of nature centers, rock collecting, and new places to explore.

I really love taking pictures and it’s hard to find me without my camera on any adventure. Pictures don’t do justice to many of the places we go (or anything we do), but it’s still great way to document. So I hope my pictures do the blog posts justice in helping to describe each journey.

I hope you find nature as inspiring as I do. Thank you for following me on my adventures!